• OPEN (O): Breakage point where a recent (< 1 year) flood originated is still open, and has no signs of intervention/rehabilitation on the latest analysed images. May also indicate a portion of the river embankment where water overflows have recently occurred.
  • CLOSED with sandbags (Cs): Breakage point where a recent (< 2 years) flood originated and which has been fixed using sandbags. This point should also be considered as a POTENTIAL (P) river breakage, as sandbags are a temporary intervention subject to new floods.
  • CLOSED with heavy machinery (Cm): Breakage point where a recent (< 2 years) flood originated and that has been fixed using heavy machinery. Satellite images show soil heaping to reinforce the river embankment. This point should be considered a CLOSED river breakage as this type of intervention should prevent further flooding in the short to medium term.
  • CLOSED old (Co): Breakage point wherewhere an old (>2 years) flood originated. Signs of rehabilitation may or may not be observed. No flooding has been detected recently, so this point may be considered CLOSED as the situation is stable.
  • POTENTIAL (P): A point along the embankment where there is potential for flooding to occur. Clear indicators of flood potentiality, such as recent vegetation removal, embankment erosion, water spillage or other signs representing a potential embankment weakness have been identified. These indications are supported by DTM analysis, multi-temporal analysis and/or direct field observations.